How to Choose Your Kid’s Night Wear

Many of us love our sleep, and are consequently, sleepaholic. Yes, it’s a thing. And our children love an uninterrupted good nights rest much more than we do, since they need to keep their energy up for the day.

However, we fail to understand sometimes that quality of night wear- whether good or bad, can affect the children’s sleep accordingly. And it is the job of the parents to ensure that they get a proper night’s sleep every time they go for a rest.

Like us, kids love to stay fashionable and be relaxed at the same time. That is one of the reasons why comfortable pajamas for kids can be a little tricky to buy. You need to check the fabric, prints, size and fitting, and so on.

Also, since our kids are growing at a fast pace, we need to keep in mind that buying night wear in their exact size won’t last long as they will soon grow out of it.

When we’re buying children’s wear, it can be difficult to keep all the things together in your mind as it can easily become complex for baby dress shopping online. We’re here to simplify it for you and help you navigate to make the right choice for your child.

Here are the guidelines you need to follow when you’re buying night wear for your children.

1) Tip: Size

It gets difficult when you’re trying to sleep with body- fitting clothes, coiled around you like a snake. It gets uncomfortable and constricting to sleep properly, doesn’t it? Now, imagine putting your child in that situation. It’d be scary.

That’s why you always need to buy a size larger whenever you’re shopping for your toddlers /children.

That is because first, it’d be uncomfortable to sleep with tight fitting clothes. And second, since your kids are growing at a fast speed, it is imperative that the clothes would fit them for some time to come.

2) Tip: Fabric

Kids need the fabric to be soft to the touch so they won’t get rashes or feel too warm or too cold. And there where Miska comes in with cotton fabric with pamper your precious gems in perfect nightdress. Choose according to the weather where you live and ensure it is soft and cozy.

Pima cotton and Egyptian cotton are the highest quality of cotton available, with a truly smooth and soft fabric, moisture absorbent and has a luxurious feel on the skin.


3) Tip: Comfort

Comfort is really important for the kids, because they need to be comfortable when they sleep, just like us. While taking care of the selection of size and fabric takes care of some of it, the design of the night wear ensemble is important as well.

The design of the outfit should be simple enough for the kids to wear it and take it off without any help.

If you think that it would be difficult for your kids to take care of it by themselves, it probably won’t be a good idea to buy it as comfy pajamas equals to a good night’s sleep. That equals to a happy energetic kid.

4) Tip: Print

Now that you’ve taken the top 3 tips in consideration, it’s time to ensure it of kids fashion, i.e. your kids should love the prints and colors of their night wear.

Think about the cartoons or figures that are well- liked by your kid- like makeup, fruits, and teddy etc.

Or you can take into account of the recent activities your kid likes- whether they’re into space- themed items, prefer a particular color or print like dinosaurs or flowers and so on.

Research the kids wear online or offline, and then buy them.

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5) Tip: Price

Since your kids are growing up really fast, it’s better to skip the expensive dress for babies and go for affordable ones.

Research first, compare different kinds of night wear and then choose one that would be most suitable.

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