Is Indian Clothing Really Ready for the Prime Time?

It’s probably no surprise that Indian clothing brands are doing well when it comes to quality. The clothing industry in India has boomed the past couple of decades, with the country now being one of the largest producers of textiles in the world. However, quality isn’t everything when it comes to clothing, and there are still hurdles Indian brands have to overcome if they want to capture more market share worldwide. Here are some of the biggest challenges and opportunities that Indian clothing brands face today.


Trends Shaping The Future of Fashions In India


Not long ago, local or Indian brands did not have much of a chance. But that’s changing now as consumer preferences evolve in what was previously known as a British colony. The consumer market here has become more attuned to value and innovative designs, making it ripe for locally produced clothing brands. And with many Indian manufacturers becoming increasingly aware of their position in today’s marketplace, they are responding by developing new ways to meet those demands. In fact, they are working hard to make sure that they stay relevant with consumers who are looking for high-quality fashion at affordable prices. As a result, there is no doubt that many Indian brands will be ready when consumers start shifting their spending habits away from traditional Western labels and toward products made right here at home.

Indian Brand vs Foreign Brand


The myth about Indian fashion brands


There’s a common perception that there is no Indian brand in clothing. Although designers have been asking leading international fashion houses to come out with an India-specific collection, many still believe that foreign brands make better clothes than what’s available locally. Even though there are several homegrown brands like Shoppers Stop, Allen Solly and Miska (among others), they aren’t internationally recognized enough. The belief that these brands don’t measure up against foreign ones has its roots in quality of fabric.


What does it mean when a fashion brand is Made in India


When we say a piece of clothing is Made in India, it generally means that every aspect of it was created in India, by an Indian manufacturer. Are Indian people ready to buy and adopted indian brand in clothing. It’s not always correct to stay that only foreign brands have better quality. Miska Indian brand can create same quality products at low price and indians are going for them without any doubt about it’s quality as they have trust on Miska brand as compare to others.

Brand Quality


How To Identify A Fashionable Outfit


If you are shopping for new clothes, it’s important to remember that dressing in a fashionable way means more than just adding any old combination of colors and clothing pieces together. Follow these simple steps to put together an outfit that works every time. It’s made in India, but Indian people are ready to buy and adopted Indian brand in clothing. It’s not always correct to say that only foreign brands have better quality. if it’s from reputed brand I believe it’s no issues at all.

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